Several people have met asked me what type of photography I specialize in and the methods used to develop and process the image.  The methods part of their question is a little easier to explain.  I use film to capture all images; both in black and white and color.   I do all the black and white images in my photo lab.  For color images, I have a local lab drum scan the negative/slide and I use Adobe Photoshop and  Lightroom software in post production to add my own vision of the image.  Going back to the black and white images:  I develop, enlarge, tone and add various forms of archival color(s) to produce my  pre-visualization of the moment and action I felt and saw in my  mind's eye.  In addition, all the images are produced on silver gelatin paper and I do all the post production presentation such as; framing and matting.


As to the type of photography I specialize in - My work been described as fine art photography by critics, gallery owners and collectors of my work. So, what is fine art photography?  The principal underlying criteria that distinguishes fine art photography from other specialized fields in photography is that fine art photography is not about recording a subject.  Fine art photography is first and foremost about the artist.  It is not about capturing what the camera sees;  it is about capturing what the artist sees.  In fine art photography, the artist uses the camera as one more tool to create a work of art. The camera is used to make an art piece that reveals the vision of the artist and makes a statement of that vision rather than documenting the subject before the lens.


On a personal note, I was born in California and live currently in Sacramento.  I love living in Northern California because of the wide diversity of geographical terrain, urban, coast line and wild life opportunities that is available and  abundant.  I am a graduate of: Arizona State University and the New York Institute of Photography with degrees in both the arts and sciences.  I will be adding new images and blogs on an ongoing basis - so please stay in touch and email me about any questions or observations you have.


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